Best App Features to Launch Online Cab Booking Platform

The online cab demand is really high in India right now. People prefer to travel by cabs that can be booked beforehand than catching a running taxi service. Apps like Ola and Uber are making high profits from this business.
Online cab booking system has really hit the right note with the smartphone users worldwide. This is a congenial time for developers to launch online cab booking apps due to the high demand. However before developing such an app the developer needs to make sure that they are able to incorporate the best travel app features into the app that they are going to launch. In the following article, I will state some of the best features of an app that are meant for online cab booking.

Effortless sign up:

You don’t want to hassle your users with an elaborate sign up process. Best would be if you don’t ask them for any payment details at the time of sign up. Most people are likely to pay with cash rather than card or through online money transfer platforms. Keep the sign up process simple to help your users face minimum difficulties in the initial process. It has been observed that if users have to go through an elaborate sign-up, they tend to abandon the app altogether at that stage. Ask basic details like name, mobile number, email, username, and password.

User-friendly UI with Location Tracking:

The features of online booking system that appeals to the users most are one where the booking process is conducive to the user. When booking cabs in a hurry, users are likely to want for something that gets the booking done with a few taps. The basics should be like a search bar for pick up and drop location, selection of a type of ride they want, GPS detecting current location, a map where users can see their location and the location of their taxi.

Your app should also have the feature where users can save their locations, say office location, home location, frequented restaurant location, etc. It saves their time as they don’t have to select locations all the time. Your app design should be directed towards minimalism and time saving.

Fare Accuracy:

Your app must show the estimated fare to the user. All apps worth their salt have this feature where the user can, before they avail the ride, see how much it’s going to cost them. Taxis have different rate charts and there are also surge rates. The users always want to see the rate before they avail the service of the cab. Once the user sets the location for pick up and drop, there should be an option where they can see the approximate amount that journey is going to cost them. If your app doesn’t have this function, users will not be interested in the cab service and in turn the cab service will not want your app.

Advanced Booking:

For users who need to book the ride for a later stage, a pop-up box can be appeared, where they can choose the date alongside the wanted time. This is advantageous in cases of surge hour when users find it’s hard to discover a cab.

These are some of the basic features of online booking app that it must have. Your app should be user friendly and user oriented. That is the only way you can ensure its success.

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