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  • iOS 10 - Release Date, News & Features

    WWDC 2016 iOS 10's unveiling in San Francisco set forth waves of excitement for all Apple users. iOS 10 public beta has been available in the market for everyone to download and use since 7th July 2016. The iOS 10 release date will be sometime in September this year! After having sometime to use and explore the 10th operating system, the developers...Continue reading

  • Update Your App to Take Advantage of iOS 10 Functionality

    Apple developers are now able to take advantage of new features of iOS 10, after the iPhone and iPad maker opened Siri, Maps, Phone, and Messages for deeper integration with applications built by third-party developers. The inclusion of new APIs and services allow creation of new types of applications, and update of existing ones, by enabling thir...Continue reading

  • Overview of Cool New Features of iOS 10

    With iOS 10 already in beta 2 version, the hype is intensifying on what the final release of the operating system powering iPhone and iPad would look like. Apple boasts the new release is the biggest in their history; nonetheless, one should carefully examine what is really new and original, what is useful, and what in fact is straightforward integ...Continue reading

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