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We're an award-winning German-Indian Magento development company. Being fully certified by Magento, we offer first-class development services to our growing clientele of renowned multinational organizations.

Regardless whether you’re looking to build a new Magento store from scratch or want to enhance your existing site, our long-term experience, rich toolset and vast industry know-how makes us your preferred Magento partner.

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Draw from our vast experience of working with renowned international stores.

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Trust in our officially certified Magento team with a combined experience of over 50 years.

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We're fully certified by Magento!
Magento Certified Developer Plus Magento Certified Developer Magento Certified Solution Specialist Magento Front End Developer
  • We’re one of only a handful Magento development agencies worldwide that offer the skills of Magento Certified Developers©, Certified Developers Plus©, Certified Solution Specialists© and Certified Front-End Developers within one team.
  • When crafting a Magento solution we go far beyond merely ‘satisfying’ your requirements: We take ownership of your problem(s) and after sighting all the requirements, we proactively identify & iron out any deficiencies or pain points that went unnoticed.
  • Development Of Complex Customized Functionalities

    We pride ourselves in designing and implementing the most complex Magento solutions. We have built highly customized solutions that resemble the functionality of Amazon, a national Lottery system or a giant online store with 500,000+ products. Let our Magento Solution Specialists advise how exactly your desired functionality can be realized!

  • Usability And Performance Optimizations

    Slow loading website or sluggish checkout? Website not displaying properly on mobile devices? You need to deliver a smooth performance and experience in line with leading portals like Amazon in order not to lose customers! We know all the pain points and have long released a white-paper on how slow websites make you lose customers! Engage us for a detailed performance and usability review and to implement the necessary cures to optimize your store!

  • Automations & Business Process Integration

    Need to regularly fetch content from another medium to update your Magento store? Need a custom process to kick-in after every order (e.g. auto-placing orders with your suppliers/vendors)? Want to auto-generate feeds or thousands of Google Ads based on your available inventory? Get in touch to let us know your pain points!

  • Accounting & ERP-connectivity

    We've implemented ERP solutions including Lexware, OpenERP or ecc on dozens of Magento stores. We can guide you through the process and ensure a smooth transition that will allow you to easily scale and automate your operations.

    Similarly, if you need to connect your store to your Accounting software, e.g. QuickBooks or Datev, we can advise you on how this is best achieved.

  • Conversion Optimization

    Low ROI on your advertising spend? Not even converting organic visitors into customers? We'll conduct a detailed conversion optimization review of your website and advise you what (prioritized) changes are needed. We'll visualize the user flow and heatmaps and make use of latest technology to collect detailed traffic information relating to where, why and when visitors drop out of the funnel.

  • Implementation Of Few Sales Channels

    Considering to sell your products through more sales channels like Amazon or eBay? Our client sync hundreds of thousands of products to these channels every day! Let us help you in getting started or in optimizing your selling templates, automated pricing logics, synchronization speeds, etc!

  • Magento Upgrades & Migrations

    Considering to migrate to Magento 2? Or are you still stuck with that outdated Magento 1.x version and want to upgrade to the latest tier? We have done hundreds of successful migrations and are readily available to ensure a smooth and fast transition to a newer version!

  • Re-activate Your Existing Customer Base

    Not capitalizing on your existing userbase? Considering to set up a reward points system or to send out highly targeted mailing campaigns? We have developed rewards systems that are used by many FT500 companies!

Why we specialize in Magento development?

The Magento Community and Enterprise version is our preferred e-commerce platform as it provides an extremely powerful and flexible framework to build on. Furthermore, the free and open-source Community version, the easy upgrade path to an Enterprise version, the modular extensibility, the vast number of available extensions as well as the active development community make it the perfect candidate for any sincere online business.

Market research confirms this viewpoints as Magento continuously secures first place with a market share of almost 30% among the top 1 million international websites.

How we ensure client satisfaction

We put in our best endeavors to turn your dream project into a success story. All steps are taken to offer complete client satisfaction. We tender quality work which is even beyond the expectations of our customer. We fully adhere to our aim of offering the best service to the client.

Our superb Magento solutions will help you surpass all kinds of competition. Magento features which we have developed enable the clients to have sweet taste of success (have a sneak peek at our success stories).

In order to offer you supreme quality, scalability together with outstanding performance, our Magento Developers have gone through rigorous training as well as tests. They have cleared all relevant examinations so basically they are certified by Magento. We take immense pride in providing you an amazing team of Magento Certified Developers©, Magento Certified Developers Plus© and Magento Certified Solution Specialists©.

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250+ clients globally

96% projects delivered on time

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  • ISO Certified Quality Management
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