Dear Startups

Evolution and innovation can be seen at each and every step. Every other day there is a new company seeking to make a mark in this hugely competitive fast-paced world.

The startup is basically a young company which is usually small in size and is initially financed as well as run by just a few people or in some case only an individual. These start-up firms generally offer a product or service which it feels is not available in the market, or they believe that the given product is not being offered in a good manner.

There are many issues which plague the growth as well as the success of a start-up. These issues may be big or small and the owner might use various techniques to solve them.

Handling of problems faced by start-ups depends on task handling skills of the owner. Challenges can range from cash flow to technology constraints, competition

E-Book Will Give An Insight Into –

1. Challenges Faced By Startups
2. Finding Right Market For Your Product
3. Raising Funds For Your Startup
4. What Should You Choose – Crowd Funding, Angel Investing Startup
5. Common Mistakes Made By Startups
6. Outsourcing Product Development
7. How To Survive During Cash Crunch

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