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Project Overview

HouseVizit works as a comprehensive platform that allows patients to effortlessly find and book appointments with doctors who match their specific requirements. Thousands of patients use this app to set up online telemedicine appointments, streamline the process for both patients and healthcare providers. Patients have to fill a pre-consultation form that consists of a series of questions regarding their symptoms and medical history. By having access to this detailed information ahead of the appointment, doctors can save valuable time during the consultation and focus on delivering personalized and efficient care.

Key Challenges

Limited Coverage of Diseases

The current app supports only a predefined set of diseases, as each condition requires a specific questionnaire. If a patient's condition is not listed in the app's database, this limitation prevents them from getting the right medical advice.

Static Symptom Questionnaire

The symptom collection process relies on a static, predefined questionnaire, which limits the app's ability to collect complete and nuanced patient information, potentially leaving out important aspects.

Inefficient Use of Consultation Time

Without thorough pre-consultation information, doctors have to spend a significant time during the appointment collecting basic information which reduces the time available for efficient diagnosis and treatment.

Reduced Patient Flow and Care Quality

The process of collecting information during appointments can reduce the number of patients and hamper care quality. This can impact timely and accurate care delivery.

Our Solution

Our team has developed an advanced AI chatbot powered by Generative AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to overcome the challenges. This innovative chatbot offers several key features to enhance the user experience and improve the efficiency of telemedicine consultations.

Our AI chatbot engages patients with conversational AI techniques to understand their responses through NLP. It automatically modifies the questions according to the patient’s specific symptoms and medical history, ensuring a comprehensive and customized pre-consultation process. This leads to a better and more accurate information-sharing process.

The AI chatbot chats with patients and summarizes their answers for doctors, saving time during appointments. We have incorporated Azure health bot in our AI chatbot to understand a wide range of health issues. It not only identifies the patient’s condition but also suggests the most appropriate type of doctor for their needs. This ensures that patients are directed to the right specialists, improving the overall quality of care.

Implementation / Process

  • We set up Azure Health Bot with the help of the Azure portal.
  • Defined channels – Web Chat and DirectLine from various other options.
  • Configured the behavior of built-in medical triage with “infermedica” for advanced symptom checking.
  • Using Azure Health Bot Management Portal, we customized certain settings.
  • We used Azure for real-time reports on the chatbot, including even the unrecognized phrases to improve user experience.
  • Incorporated error-handling mechanisms to support technical issues.
  • Made sure of HIPAA compliance with Azure’s robust security features.
  • Provided easy-to-understand user interfaces for mobile and tablet devices.
  • Enhanced functionality by integrating Azure Cognitive Services.
  • Improved conversation accuracy with the Language Understanding Model.
  • Developed and deployed Conversational Language Understanding Model in Language Studio.
  • Utilized Azure templates for handling unknown statements.
  • Added Azure OpenAI to cope up with unrecognized statements.
  • Generated informative responses for unexpected prompts.
  • Crafted instructions for a wide range of scenarios that can empower the bot to define core behavior.
  • Improved bot responses and made them more timely by training it continuously on ongoing interactions.

Tech Stack

Firebase Authentication
Cloud Firestore
Firebase Analytics
Firebase Crashlytics
Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)
Cloud Functions for Firebase
Azure Health Bot
Azure OpenAI

UI/UX Design

Developed a new UI/UX design with latest enhancements that facilitates users to navigate the website seamlessly.

The Results

We addressed the initial challenges with a comprehensive AI-driven solution which has also delivered significant benefits, enhancing the overall telemedicine experience for both patients and healthcare providers.

Expanded Coverage of Health Issues
Our Azure Health Bot service now handles a vast array of health problems, ensuring that more patients receive the appropriate care and reducing the number of unattended patients due to a lack of predefined questionnaires.
Dynamic and Customized Symptom Collection
Our AI chatbot’s ability to ask adaptive and relevant questions based on patient responses ensures a more extensive collection of symptoms that were previously missed by static forms.
Time Efficiency in Consultations
With AI chatbot’s detailed pre-consultation summaries, doctors now review the patient’s condition before the appointment, reducing the time spent during consultations and allowing doctors to focus more, improving the overall efficiency.
Enhanced Patient Flow and Quality of Care
Streamlined the information collection process reducing consultation time. The detailed pre-consultation summaries ensure that doctors have all the necessary information to provide accurate and timely advice.
Improved Patient Engagement and Comfort
The AI chatbot’s human-like interaction creates a more engaging and comfortable experience for patients. It has encouraged patients to share detailed information, which is crucial for effective diagnosis and treatment.
Accurate Doctor Recommendations
Our AI chatbot’s doctor recommendations have become more accurate than ever. It ensures that patients receive effective care and are directed to the right specialists based on their symptoms and medical history.
Scalability and Adaptability
The AI chatbot solution has proven to be highly scalable and can be easily updated to cover new diseases and health conditions. This ensures that our app remains relevant and effective in addressing the latest healthcare needs.
Reduced Operational Costs
With our AI chatbot handling the pre-consultation process, the healthcare providers have reduced operational costs leading to more affordable healthcare services for patients.

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