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Company Overview

Zanduco is a retail online shopping platform that specializes in restaurant equipment and supplies. You can find their active presence in markets of Canada as well as the USA. They offer a wide range of equipment and other products for home kitchens, commercial kitchens, cafes, bakeries and so on. This eCommerce platform provides its customers with high-quality products and timely deliveries.

Key Challenges

Zanduco’s eCommerce platform was initially developed with PHP architecture, which proved to be a hurdle for business expansion because of issues like security, scalability, integration, and maintainability. The first thing our team wanted to do was redesign the UI/UX followed by adding various functionalities with the latest tech stack.


The website had scalability limitations like handling increasing traffic and transactions due to its core PHP infrastructure.

Security Concerns

The current website had a possibility to cause security issues if the customizations were not implemented correctly.

Maintenance and Updates

Custom PHP solutions require a certain amount of effort for updates and maintenance which is not the case when using a well-supported framework.


Custom PHP solutions find third-party integrations challenging in comparison to other frameworks where you get various prebuilt and readily available integrations.

Limited Community Support

Problem-solving and handling updates can be difficult due to absence of robust community support with custom solutions which is not the case in frameworks.


Building custom solutions from scratch can lead to high implementation costs as extensive development and customizations are required.

Our Solution

The team of VT Netzwelt working on the Zanduco platform conducted a comprehensive audit of the website. It was found that the website was developed in a conventional way with PHP architecture. The client had various requirements with the website such as seamless user experience, SEO abilities, extensive support, and many advanced features.

Our team redesigned the UI/UX of the Zanduco website to make it more user-friendly. Further, they developed the website from scratch by implementing Magento Open Source alongside cloud hosting to fulfill their requirements. To provide enhanced security, we recommended incorporating Cloudflare, a service that protects the website from online bots and improves performance. After the implementation of the new features and functionalities, the website functioned flawlessly, resolving all prior issues.

Implementation / Process

  • Built custom PHP scripts to generate CSV files for migrating categories, product attributes, customers, products, orders, blogs, customer addresses, resources, and CMS pages.
  • Imported product images, certificates, and attachments with their paths included in the CSV files.
  • Sent users the reset password links that can ensure seamless access to the new website.
  • Implemented redirects to new URLs for old ones, initially through .htaccess files.
  • Eventually eliminated redirects as Google indexed the new URLs.
  • Generated CSV files and transferred product dimension values for table rates.
  • Customized shipment methods display according to location, product dimensions, and weight.
  • Implemented a new custom module for calculating shipping rate and other various shipment rules, such as free shipping conditions and additional charges for specific scenarios.
  • Developed custom modules for integration of sitemap, price hiding according to the store, and conditional price display based on custom rules.
  • Used a custom module to manage complex pricing display conditions across multiple pages.

Tech Stack

Magento Open Source

Cloud Hosting


Custom PHP scripts


Credit Cards


UI/UX Design

Developed a new UI/UX design with latest enhancements that facilitates users to navigate the website seamlessly.

The Results

The new implementation process was successful and delivered exceptional performance and scalability. Zanduco experienced a significant growth in business and enhanced operational efficiency.

Seamless Implementation
The implementation was smooth with zero post-launch issues. Even after a year, the website is stable and runs seamlessly making Zanduco a reliable platform for users.
Continuous Enhancements
Our team makes sure that the website is well-updated with the most advanced features according to the business requirements.
Growing Sales
Zanduco has seen a substantial increase in its sales as they have already processed 12000 orders and have 9000 registered users since the launch of the new enhanced website.
Efficient Management
Our team can easily carry out enhancements as and when required because of Magento’s robust and advanced functionalities.

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