About the client

MeineSpielzeugkiste is the market leader for the online rental of children’s toys. Families can borrow high-quality, popular toys without having to buy them on a subscription-based model.

Our solution

The front end of the application is developed using React and the complete checkout functionality is being managed by Magento. The entire information about the products, images, prices etc is present on the AWS servers.

We used AWS API to fetch that data in the form of JSON files and then present that data on the React frontend application. So whenever a user hits the “Buy now” button, Magento API is hit which takes the user to the checkout process being managed by Magento.

We developed a customized template for the project by going through different brainstorming sessions with the client and our UI/UX team.

MSK Magento Development

Major challenges and their solution

Amazon Recurring Payment Gateway Integration

Amazon recurring payment

The major challenge was to introduce Amazon recurring payment into the application because at that time Amazon recurring payment was not feasible in Germany. So our team of developers worked with Amazon development team to work on the module which enabled Amazon recurring payment into the application. This was the first time that Amazon recurring payment was introduced in Germany.

Custom checkout functionality with Amazon

Custom checkout functionality with Amazon

We implemented a completely customized checkout functionality by integrating Amazon recurring payment. The major challenge was to enable Amazon recurring payment but the extension did not support it as Amazon recurring payment requires billing agreement to be signed by the customer. So we completely customized the checkout functionality to integrate Amazon recurring payment so that the user can sign the billing agreement before proceeding to the next steps.

Zendesk integration

Zendesk integration

The client was using Zendesk for customer service and support ticketing. But the client wanted some of the additional Magento data to be present on the Zendesk dashboard. Now the Zendesk own API was not able to fetch that data from Magento. So we customized and implemented our own APIs so that the data about the orders and customers can be passed from Magento dashboard to Zendesk servers.

Custom credit functionality

Custom credit feature

The company had the policy that if due to any reason the shipment gets late then they will compensate it by crediting customer’s account with some amount. So we developed a customized backend module where the admin can credit the amount to the customer account and it would be visible to the customer in the application front end. That credited amount automatically gets adjusted in the next invoice of the customer.

Payone payment gateway integration

Payone payment gateway integration

We integrated the Payone payment gateway to the application. First, the application was using PayPal. So we migrated the existing PayPal customers data to Payone payment gateway.

Automatic subscription pause feature

Automatic subscription pause feature

Suppose the customer had purchased a 6-month subscription and for some time, the customer wanted to pause his subscription. The customer can request a pause on his or her subscription from the frontend of the application and after that time period, the plan will automatically re-activate.

Automatic Reminders

Automatic reminders

The application offered automatic reminders to the customers in form of emails whenever a product return is due or someone has requested for the exchange of the product. If due to any reason, the product has not been received by the client after a certain period of time and after a certain set of reminders, the system will reactivate the subscription of that customer and invoices will start generating.

Building online toy rental platform


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