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Our Healthcare IT Services Expertise

For over 11 years, VT Netzwelt has been a leading healthcare IT services provider globally. Our dedicated experts craft customized solutions leveraging their quick problem-solving skills to meet your specific requirements.

M-Health Mobile
App Development

Streamline medical procedures, enhance communication, and improve overall patient care by providing patients and healthcare professionals with innovative mobile health apps.

Pharma Management Solutions

Improve pharmaceutical operations by implementing advanced management solutions that enable seamless inventory tracking, compliance, and efficient distribution.

Health Insurance App Development

Custom apps that enable claims processing, policy administration, and real-time customer service can help to simplify health insurance processes.

Patient Engagement App Development

Maximize patient engagement and satisfaction with applications that offer specific health information, appointment scheduling, and direct communication with healthcare providers.

Wearable Tech & Cloud Solutions

Connect wearables to cloud-based systems to monitor patients’ health in real-time and get valuable data for better patient outcomes.

Billing Management Systems

Optimize billing processes with powerful technology that can increase revenue for healthcare providers, decrease paperwork, and improve accuracy.

Lifestyle Management App Development

Promote healthier lifestyle with applications that track habits, and provide custom recommendations as well as required wellness resources.

Fitness Tracking App Development

Create innovative fitness monitoring applications that track movement, establish objectives, and inspire users to achieve their fitness targets.

Clinical Management Systems

Manage patient records, workflow, and care coordination more effectively in the clinical setting with all-inclusive management systems.

Workout Planner App Development

Develop an interactive workout planner app that can provide individualized training programs, measure progress, and adjust to individual fitness levels and goals.

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Our Innovative Healthcare
IT Services

Electronic Health Records Software Development

Maintaining health data on paper is a tedious task, especially with improvements in healthcare IT services. Our company can transform patient data management with safe, robust, and user-friendly EHR system development.

Patient Data Management: Easily handle patient data such as clinical notes, vaccines, allergies, and a complete treatment history.

Effortless Access: Find any patient’s data, including every relevant detail, at any time, ensuring rapid and efficient access to critical records.

Practice Management Software Development

Concentrate on patient care with all dedication when you eliminate the hassle of administrative duties with streamlined practice management software.

Streamlined Administration: Make insurance verification, billing, and scheduling operations easier.

Efficiency Features: Easily track important metrics, automate tedious operations, and generate reports.

Telemedicine Software Development

Secure and robust telemedicine software enables regular examinations for remote patients, maximizing care quality and accessibility.

Remote Consultations: Our software facilitates video appointments and makes sure that the relevant educational materials are available to all remote patients.

Chronic Condition Monitoring: This software also allows you to monitor chronic conditions remotely.

Patient Portal Software Development

Patient portal software stores and manages critical patient information securely and allows them to access whenever the need arises.

Record Access: You can view medications, lab results, vaccine, and discharge summaries effortlessly on one portal.

Active Engagement: Now refill prescriptions, schedule appointments, and connect directly with healthcare providers with a patient portal.

mHealth App Development

Enhance patient care with the powerful mHealth Application, developed especially for close monitoring.

Self-Monitoring: Our secure app includes features like medication reminders, symptom trackers, and even educational content.

Patient-first Approach: This app prioritizes patient’s health and seamlessly manages health conditions and improves patient engagement.

Customer Relationship Management Software Development

Strengthen patient relationships with feature-rich customer relationship management software and form targeted communication campaigns.

Patient Satisfaction: This software conducts automated patient surveys and sends appointment reminders so no consultation is missed.

Targeted Communication: With this software, you can execute targeted communication campaigns to ensure ultimate patient satisfaction.

Hospital Inventory Management System

Ensure constant supply with the help of hospital inventory management software, eliminating the possibility of stock out or wastage.

Automatic Recording: This software allows real-time inventory tracking and expiration date forecasting.

Intelligent Forecasting: You can also optimize inventory levels with intelligent forecasting capabilities.

Advanced Healthcare Software Solutions
with AI Integration

Azure Health Bot
Revolutionize patient care with advanced features of Azure Health bot like automated scheduling and appointments, conversational AI and EHR integrations.

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Azure Open AI
Take data-driven decisions powered by Azure Open AI and deliver your best as healthcare providers leveraging the automation and real-time information.

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Azure Cognitive Services
Enhance healthcare apps with modern functions of Azure Cognitive services which include speech-to-text, medical image analysis and data extraction from patient records.

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Azure ML Studio
With Azure ML studio entering the healthcare industry we can expect a robust environment for building and training models, ensuring data security and continuous advancements.

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Generative AI
Streamline clinical tasks like appointment scheduling, monitoring patients for vital signs, and data entries with Generative AI saving time and boosting patient care.

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Why Choose Us As Your Go-To Healthcare Software Development Company?

We excel in delivering custom solutions and Healthcare managed IT services globally. Our knowledge driven workforce of industry experts make sure that your development and deployment are top-notch.

VT Netzwelt adheres to all the healthcare regulations including PACS, HIPAA compliance, HL7 standards, etc.

Our highly experienced team consists of certified healthcare software development professionals.

We have 11+ years of experience in healthcare IT services.

We have delivered 700+ web and mobile app development projects globally.

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Our Healthcare Development Process

We follow an agile development process to deliver top-notch healthcare IT services. Our team makes sure that all your project requirements are fulfilled and delivered in time.

Project Analysis
Our team of experts conduct a detailed analysis about your project to create data-driven strategies.

UI/UX Design
We create a user-friendly as well as modern design with all the advanced features.

Product Development
As everything is figured out, our IT experts develop the frontend & backend architecture with necessary third-party API integrations.

Software Testing
A stringent end-to-end testing is carried out to eliminate bugs ensuring seamless performance.

Project Launch
After removing all the bugs, the project is ultimately launched & made available for the users.

Maintenance & Support
For a seamless performance, our team offers continuous support and post- launch maintenance including regular functional and security upgrades.

Our Diverse Healthcare Portfolio Speaks for Us

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VT Netzwelt is a leading custom healthcare IT solutions provider having a global clientele. We offer a wide range of web and app development services catering to everyone in the healthcare industry. Our software services include Electronic Health Records Software Solutions, telemedicine apps, patient portals, hospital inventory management software, and much more.
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