Software Testing Services

About the project

The mobile application is a meal planning app which helps you plan your weekly meals customized according to your diet, family size, and schedule. The application also offers shopping list and recipes that help you feed your family no matter your cooking skill level.

We were presented with the task of testing the mobile (for both Android & iOS) and the web application to make sure the application was bug-free and functioning smoothly before the app launch.

Initially, the application was in a very bad condition as it was crashing on some random scenarios.

Tasks involved

  • The application has to be tested on all the 3 platforms – iOS, Android & Web assuring the functioning of the application exactly similar.
  • The application involved serveral third-party integrations. So QA team had to make sure that all the integrations were working smoothly along with app functionality.
  • The functioning of the application has to be exactly similar on all the 3 applications – Web Application, Andriod & iOS.
  • The application additionally utilized some APIs. So, one of the major task involved was to identify whether the application crashes were being caused at the API end or the application end.

Our approach

  • So we started our process by first understanding the flow of the application and the business logic.
  • We carefully investigated the whole application including the APIs, third-party integrations and the application flow to identify the root cause of the crashes.
  • We created the high-level test scenarios and then we moved to create detailed test cases for the whole application.
  • After removing these issues, we moved to long case scenarios and negative testing scenarios to further refine the application.
  • We also made sure that the functioning of the application was identical on all the three platforms – Web, Android & iOS.

Tools & Techniques

Provided documents and reports

  • Test plan
  • Test cases
  • Bug report

Physical devices

  • iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6, Google Pixel 3, Samsung S7 edge, Google Nexus


  • Past 2 years and ongoing support

Team engaged

  • 2 QA engineers


  • Firebase, Katalon studio

Project type

  • Mobile application

Types of testing techniques used

  • Functional testing
  • GUI testing
  • Requirements examining
  • Form validation testing
  • Exploratory testing
  • Negative testing
  • Security testing