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Our technological and innovative solutions in software, offer digital transformation of your organization with our expertise in the healthcare domain.

The mobile era has completely revolutionized the healthcare industry. This revolution in healthcare has changed the way people maintain their health and fitness records, exchange of health reports, patient diagnosis etc.

We leverage the power of the latest technologies to offer the best healthcare solutions for healthcare startups and organizations, healthcare providers, healthcare device manufacturers, etc.

Our custom healthcare solutions offer custom software development and deployment along with third-party integration solutions to build an inter-connected healthcare environment to serve your highly specific business needs.

healthcare software development solutions

Medical software development

Delivering innovative healthcare software solutions across web & mobile

EHR & EMR software development

We develop HIPAA-compliant EHR (Electronic Health Record) & EMR (Electronic Medical Record) software solutions. Our solutions offer user-friendly UI/UX keeping in mind robust network architecture and secure data management.

EHR & EMR data migration services

Our healthcare software development services offer a careful evaluation of your legacy medical record system and offer structured and efficient data migration approach with continuous quality improvement to migrate the data from your legacy system to the target system with user testing.

EHR & EMR data integration services

We offer successful integration of your EHR & EMR systems with other health management solutions including Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS), Health Information Exchanges (HIE), Practice Management Systems(PMS), Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) and many more.

Custom telehealth software development

Our healthcare software solutions offer custom telehealth solutions which enable doctors to deliver remote services whether it is healthcare, education or training. Our telehealth Software-as-a-Service solutions enable medical consultations through video conferencing, sharing administrative data, images, clinical reports, managing e-prescriptions and much more.

Telemedicine integration solutions

Our telemedicine solutions adhere to the HL7 standard for transmitting Electronic Medical Record/Electronic Health Record. We develop integrated solutions that offer remote monitoring of telemedicine systems such as heart monitors, glucometers etc. We offer third-party integrations with the leading telehealth solutions including Doxy.me, Chiron Health and more.

PACS software development services

Our custom software solutions for the transmission and storage of medical images uses Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) and Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) protocols. We develop web and mobile apps that enable you to remotely access the images and metadata using JSON, RESTful DICOMweb standards and XML web services.

Health Information Exchange (HIE) app development

We offer real-time information sharing of patient’s medical data between patients, doctors and other health practitioners with powerfully integrated HIE services. Our cross-platform mobile app development solutions and web development solutions offer physicians to access Health Information Exchange (HIE) data through patient portals via secure web and mobile apps.

Electronic prescription software development solutions

We offer HIPAA compliant web and mobile application for electronic prescription services that offer ordering, editing, renewing e-Prescriptions in real-time. Our cross-platform mobile applications offer a unique and engaging interface for physicians, pharmacists, and patients with features including the capturing of physical prescriptions using Camera API and more.

Third-party integrations with electronic prescription software

Our Electronic Prescription Software development services offer third-party integrations with Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) databases for verification of patient credentials. Our integration services also offer integration with e-prescribing software and eRx platforms including DrFirst, NueMD, Allscripts and more.

Our work

Building an automated front desk solutions

Building an automated front desk solution for clinics

The application offers an automated front desk solution for clinics by offering an efficient and frictionless system for healthcare practice. The application offers a better experience for the practitioner and the patient.

The application digitizes the entire paperwork process along with offering the system to check insurance eligibility, calculating the total cost, online payment processing, integration with EHR solutions and much more.

  • AngularJSAngularJS
  • AWS LambdaAWS Lambda
  • DynamoDBDynamoDB
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Building cloud-enabled EHR solution with practice management and patient portal

The client wanted a cloud-based EHR solution along with the patient management system and patient portal. The portal has been specifically designed for practitioners so that they can enhance patient engagement through a completely automated process.

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Building HIPPA compliant EHR solution

Why choose VT Netzwelt for your healthcare project?

We have proven expertise in the healthcare domain with our experienced pool of developers. Our healthcare software development solutions offer web app development, mobile app development, user experience design, system implementation, migration services, etc. adhering to all healthcare regulations including HIPAA compliance, HL7 standard, PACS and more.

Our healthcare solutions cater to the whole healthcare industry including hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and laboratories.

m-health mobile app development

M-Health mobile app development

Pharma Management Solutions

Pharma management solutions

Health Insurance app development

Health insurance app development

Patient engagement app development

Patient engagement app development

Wearable tech app development

Wearable tech & cloud solutions

Billing management systems

Billing management systems

Lifestyle management app development

Lifestyle management app development

Fitness Tracking app development

Fitness tracking app development

Clinical Management Solutions

Clinical Management Systems

Workout planner apps

Workout planner app development

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