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HouseVizit App offers innovative AI-driven functionalities for healthcare providers as well as patients.
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Project Overview

HouseVizit App is a platform that connects patients to doctors according to their specific requirements. This app can schedule online appointments, analyze patient information, and appoint doctors to patients on the basis of their symptoms and medical history. The doctors also get access to the patient’s detailed information before the appointment to ensure timely care delivery.

What We Did?

Our skilled experts analyzed the app, and it was found that the app lacked some features that could simplify the complete experience. We introduced AI chatbot and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to make the application efficient.

The updated app with AI chatbot can engage with users and modify questions according to their symptoms. Because of this, the doctors get the patient information beforehand, saving time during appointments. This not only improved care delivery but also streamlined the entire telemedicine experience.

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What Made the Project A Success?

Comprehensive Health Issue Coverage:

HouseVizit App now has a huge data that covers maximum issues, ensuring increased care delivery.

Time Efficiency in Consultations:

Pre-consultation summaries facilitate medical professionals to assess patient conditions in advance, minimizing time spent obtaining information during consultations.

Enhanced Patient Interactions:

The AI chatbot interacts with users about their specific diseases and symptoms, delivering an engaging and comfortable experience.

Accurate Doctor Recommendations:

In order to ensure proper care, the AI chatbot makes recommendations for the best kind of doctor based on the patient’s symptoms and medical history.

Tech Stack

Firebase Authentication
Cloud Firestore
Firebase Analytics
Firebase Crashlytics
Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)
Cloud Functions for Firebase
Azure Health Bot
Azure OpenAI

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