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Company Overview

Patient Pal is a prominent healthcare provider, aimed to enhance operational efficiency and patient experience within the clinics of their SaaS clients. With a commitment to delivering high-quality care, they sought innovative solutions to streamline administrative processes and improve overall service delivery.

Key Challenges

Our client wanted a one-stop solution that could solve the following challenges delivering a seamless experience.

Diverse Patient Information

It was challenging to collect comprehensive patient information due to the diverse health problems presented by patients.

Appointment Scheduling

Patients had to experience prolonged waiting times while clinical staff had to gather data manually leading to inefficiencies.

Doctor Assignment

Clinic staff faced difficulties assigning doctors based on patient information.

Treatment Checklist

Maintaining treatment checklists was a tiring task and very prone to errors.

Insurance Verification and Cost Calculation

Evaluating patient insurance coverage and calculating treatment costs was time-consuming and complex.

Data and Appointment Management

The appointment system did not have a proper structure while data management had become challenging for the clinic staff.

Our Solution

Our team carried out a thorough analysis of the client’s requirements and problems. The client wanted to solve this problem by implementing a SaaS platform. Then, our team worked hard to propose the implementation of a comprehensive solution aimed at digitizing paperwork processes, streamlining appointment scheduling, automating insurance verification and cost calculation, and improving overall data management.

Implementation / Process

Clinic Schedules

  • Patients can effortlessly schedule appointments in advance.

  • Automated reminders help reduce no-shows.

Patient Intake

  • Electronic intake forms eliminate paperwork and minimize errors.
  • Saves time for healthcare providers as well as patients.

Insurance Check

  • System facilitates the insurance eligibility verification.
  • Shows copay, coinsurance, and deductible information.

Insurance Check

  • Treatment charges are calculated based on insurance information.
  • Helps patients understand unnecessary costs.

Appointment Management

  • Structured appointment system is implemented.
  • Facilitates scheduling for clinics as well as patients.

Data Management

  • Integrates with EHR systems.
  • Assures patient records are correct and easily accessible.

Tech Stack






Nuvei Payment Gateway

UI/UX Design

Designed a new intuitive design with a user-friendly interface for B2B customers. We added features like bulk ordering, order management, real-time updates and much more.

The Results

Our team worked on the main challenges faced by the client and made sure that their end-to-end operations were streamlined and there were no gaps.

Improved Efficiency
We streamlined processes that reduced waiting times and administrative burdens.
Enhanced Patient Experience
Patient satisfaction increased as appointment scheduling and intake processes were improved.
Cost Savings
The automated systems implemented saved time and resources for clinics, leading to cost savings.
Increased Revenue
Integration of the online payment system facilitated prompt payments, positively impacting revenue flow.
Data Accuracy
EHR system Integration ensured accurate and accessible patient records, improving overall data management.
Patient Pal SaaS’s scalable design made it possible for clinics to expand and adjust to changing needs.

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