About the project

The e-commerce store was an online marketplace for thousands of products from different categories including electronics, personal care items, books, home appliances and many more.

The client wanted to expand its eCommerce reach by offering its users a mobile application for both iOS and Android.

The biggest challenge was to build a great mobile experience for the users along with all the associated web services.

Developing native iOS app for Magento store

Major features offered by the application

Easy registration process

Easy registration process

The client doesn’t want to force its users to sign up at the app launch. So, the application directly lands on the main page and the user is prompted for registration only at the checkout process. The registration at checkout process asks for the minimal options to get the user registered along with the option to sign up using Facebook and Google.



One hand UI

One hand interface

The client wanted the UI of the application in such a way that the user can navigate through the app with one hand. So we designed the UI/UX flow of the application to support one hand interface.  

Push notifications

Push notifications

The application also features its own custom-build push notification feature to enhance customer engagement by offering important information about offers, discounts etc.

Custom product filter

Custom product filter

We have also developed custom product filters for the application which allows the users to make their shopping experience intuitive.

Powerful search as a service with Algolia

Powerful search with Algolia

We have also integrated the powerful search using Algolia Search-as-a-Service solution which offers relevant and real-time search results along with autocompleting.  

Technology stack

The application has been developed for native iOS & Android using Swift and Kotlin. Since the eCommerce store is developed on Magento, so the web services were also launched using Magento.

Collaboration and communication

For effective project collaboration, we used Trello and for proper communication, Slack and GoToMeetings was used.


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