About the project

The client wanted a cloud-based EHR solution along with the patient management system and patient portal. The portal has been specifically designed for practitioners so that they can enhance patient engagement through a completely automated process.

The application is divided into three main categories –

  1. EHR solution
  2. Practice management system
  3. Patient portal
HIPPA Compliant EHR Solution

Cloud-based EHR solution

Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution offers the practitioners complete practice management tools they require such as charting, documentation etc. with a beautifully designed UI which makes it super easy to use. The solution is HIPPA-compliant and offers complete security. As it is a cloud-based solution so you only need a PC and internet connectivity

Major features offered by EHR solution –
HIPPA Compliant EHR Solution


E-Prescription allows practitioners to verify patient credentials with prior-authorization. The feature offers real-time ordering, editing, renewing, confirming, and canceling e-Prescriptions.

HIPPA Compliant EHR Solution

Documentation management

Documentation management offers practitioners to easily access patient records (images, reports, lab results etc.). It also permits the practitioner to allow their peers to add remarks and reviews to an existing patient record for maximum care.

HIPPA Compliant EHR Solution

Lab integration

The feature allows practitioners to order lab results within the platform by offering free integrations with major laboratories in the US.

Practice Management system

The practice management system offers practitioners with a suite of tools they require to streamline their day-to-day activities and better manage their workflows.

Major features offered by EHR solution –
HIPPA Compliant EHR Solution

Scheduling calendar

It offers practitioners a daily calendar with all the appointment shown in one go. The practitioner can even customize their views, export their calendar and number of filtration options. The application also gives automatic online reminders for the upcoming appointments.

HIPPA Compliant EHR Solution

Secure messaging

The application allows practitioners to offer their patients up-to-date information with the click of a button thereby avoiding the hassle of calling. The secure messaging feature also offers custom trigger emails.

HIPPA Compliant EHR Solution

Proper cost management

The application offers practitioners to keep a record of all their billings with a customized dashboard and also makes cost calculations for non-covered services.

Patient portal

The patient portal was designed to increase the patient engagement by offering online appointment scheduling, accessing their records, real-time communication and much more.

Major features of the patient portal –
HIPPA Compliant EHR Solution

Appointment scheduling

It gives patients complete freedom to schedule appointments based on practitioner preferences.

HIPPA Compliant EHR Solution

Online report viewing

The patients can anytime view their records (such as images, scans, prescriptions etc.) anytime they want.

HIPPA Compliant EHR Solution

Secure messaging

It allows patients to securely communicate with the practitioner at their convenience.

HIPPA Compliant EHR Solution


It allows practitioners to renew e-Prescriptions online thereby resulting in saving time and increasing patient convenience. Patients can also request a prescription renewal at any point of time.

HIPPA Compliant EHR Solution

Mobile app

Patient portal also offers a mobile application for both iOS & Android giving your patient the convenience to access their health records, secure messaging, appointment scheduling, online video consultation and many more thereby resulting in a stronger patient relationship.

Our solution

The project was assigned to three different dedicated teams

HIPPA Compliant EHR Solution

Web app development team

HIPPA Compliant EHR Solution

Android app development team

HIPPA Compliant EHR Solution

iOS app development team

The project was initiated by Business Analyst (BA) who first understood the client’s requirement and also offered some improvements in the current vision of the client.

After freezing all the requirements from the client, the project was handed over to the team who understood all aspects of product development. The product has been developed using Agile and Scrum methodologies.

  Technology Stack
The application has been developed using MEAN Stack along with scalable Microservices architecture with Amazon DynamoDB. The patient portal also offers an Android & iOS application developed specifically for the patients.

  Collaboration & communication
All the communication of the project took place via email, Slack, GoToMeeting. Project collaboration took place through Trello.


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  • Team Lead2Team Lead
  • Quality Analyst2QA