As we all know that Android is the most dominant operating system in the world. According to the stats of September 2018, Android powers 76% of smartphones and 30% of tablets worldwide. 

But all the good things must come to an end. Google is currently working very hard in developing the next big thing in the operating system. Technologies like AI and ML are becoming the pillars of Google’s strategy and they were not built as a fundamental piece of Android platform.

Google is aiming very high with Fuchsia. Google wants to build an IoT first OS which will be powering your smartphones, tablets, laptops, toothbrush, car, speakers, etc.

Fuchsia App Development

Discover the Features and Benefits of Google's Fuchsia OS

What we already know
  1. The development work started in 2016
  2. Intended to be IoT first OS
  3. Will be replacing Android and ChromeOS in 5 years
  4. Not based on Linux
  5. Supports Dart and Flutter
  6. Kernel successfully booted on Huawei Honor Play
Fuchsia app development company
Benefits of Fuchsia OS
  1. Robust
  2. Adaptable to various screen sizes
  3. Could power anything either be your smartphone, laptop, fridge, car, etc.
  4. Deeply integrated voice assistant
  5. Cross-compatible
  6. Smooth UI
  7. Secure & Flexible

What Lies Ahead for App Developers Like Us in the Future?

Although there is no release date or an official announcement for Fuchsia, still being a leading app development company we can’t just sit and wait for it.

We have already started preparing for the transition. Some things are pretty much clear that Fuchsia will be one-size-fits-all, write-once-run-everywhere platform.

Fuchsia Interface Definition Language (FIDL)

Fuchsia has accommodated the developers by creating FIDL. It is a system that connects various languages together.

Currently, FIDL supports five languages –

  • dartDart
  • go languageGo
  • c languageC
  • c++C++
  • rustRust

Modular design

Fuschia is modular which means that everything in Fuchsia either it is the software or the system files are contained in different packages. Further, these packages can be broken into smaller components.

The component is a piece of code designed to do a single job. By combining all these components, you can do anything.

Crafting Next-Generation Mobile Experiences with Flutter and Dart.

While choosing technology stack for your app, choose carefully. Develop next-generation mobile apps using Flutter and Dart programming language.

We help our clients build apps that are flexible, secure, expressive and give a delightful experience to your users.

Flutter app development

Paving way for developers with Google Flutter

Releasing Flutter before Fuchsia is a very smart strategy played by Google. Google wants to get developers comfortable with Flutter instead of forcing everyone to switch at a later stage.

Flutter is a cross-platform app development tool offered by Google that allows us to build native apps on iOS and Android ecosystem from a single codebase. Flutter allows us to build beautiful and faster apps by adding the power of 60fps.

Flutter still being extensively a very new platform is being used by many big brands including Alibaba, Google AdWords, Apptree, Birch, Hookle and many more.

Being one of the leading app development company, we offer Flutter app development services to our clients across the globe to develop next-generation mobile apps that offer their business the flexibility and expedite the app development process.

Hire experienced Dart programmers

Dart is a general-purpose programming language that was developed by Google. It can be used to build web, server, and mobile apps and for IoT devices as well.

Dart is an object-oriented programming language and supports things like abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.

We have experienced Dart programmers who can help you develop fully featured applications either it be a mobile app, web app or a server-side application.

Request a callback from our experts to build secure Dart applications for your business.

Hire experienced dart programmers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you develop custom applications for Fuchsia?
Yes, our experienced developers can create custom applications tailored to your specific requirements, leveraging the capabilities of the Fuchsia platform.
Will my existing android application work on Fuchsia OS?
How can Fuchsia benefit my business?
Can you develop a web application compatible with Fuchsia OS?

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