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Company Overview

Petmate is a leading manufacturer and supplier of non-food pet products for more than 60 years. The company started with a single kennel design and then expanded to include over 17 brands, each dedicated to delivering safe, enjoyable, and reliable products for pets. Petmate’s mission is to enhance the pet parenting experience by offering high-quality products that promote a healthy and happy life for pets.

Key Challenges

Petmate operates in both B2B and B2C markets. They already have a B2C platform and did not have a dedicated user interface for B2B customers. So we had to create one that also can place bulk orders. The key challenges we faced:

Limited Scalability

The company's ability to manage increasing order volumes is limited by manual order submission using Oracle ERP.

Inefficiency and Errors

Oracle ERP's manual order processing requires manual effort and increases the probability of human error while entering data.

Real-Time Updates

It was found out that the customers were unhappy due to the lack of real-time order and data updates.

Distinct Price Lists and Packaging

Different customers required specific price lists and case pack/inner pack configurations.

Data Duplication

Avoiding data duplication while integrating with Oracle ERP for seamless access to product, pricing, customer, and order information.

Bulk Order Capabilities

They needed CSV uploads for bulk orders and cart splitting functionality based on warehouse locations.

Our Solution

We conducted an in-depth analysis of Petmate’s business processes and challenges. Our team came up with a solution that involved adopting the Adobe Commerce Cloud platform. With this integration, we integrated a B2B module that can address the unique needs of their B2B operations.
Further, our team also made sure that the user interface of the B2B operations was user-friendly allowing smooth navigation, quick ordering with CSV uploads, and real-time updates about their orders. This will streamline their B2B business operations, maximizing their orders.

Implementation / Process

  • Integrated the B2B site with Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) to import product data, company data, customer addresses, shipment, tracking details, invoices, and order cancellations.
  • Sent order data, shipping, and billing addresses from Magento to Oracle EBS.
  • Implemented a middleware server for data transfer between systems.
  • Developed cron jobs in Magento to routinely check and import new data.
  • Utilized a shared catalog API for seamless coordination between Magento and Oracle systems.
  • Enabled bulk ordering through CSV file imports.
  • We customized the quick order feature that aligns with case pack/inner pack requirements.
  • Provided sample CSV files specific to selected warehouse and based on assigned shared catalog.
  • Implemented cart splitting based on warehouse locations.
  • Managed order totals, discount amounts, shipment fees, and other charges during the order splitting process.
  • Generated separate orders for each warehouse and transmitted corresponding JSON files to EBS.
  • Provided details on the percentage of truck/container occupancy.
  • Allow customers to adjust order quantities to optimize shipping costs.
  • Customized Shipping and billing address options based on customer types.
  • Introduced cron jobs to synchronize addresses from company admin to company users.
  • Developed a cancel API to allow Oracle EBS to cancel specific items within an order.
  • Implemented a custom module to adjust the order amount based on canceled items.

Tech Stack

Magento Open Source
Oracle E-Business Suite

Custom Middleware Server




UI/UX Design

Designed a new intuitive design with a user-friendly interface for B2B customers. We added features like bulk ordering, order management, real-time updates and much more.

The Results

The solutions were implemented seamlessly, and there were no critical issues post-launch. Have a look at the key results.

Increased Efficiency
There was a reduction in manual intervention because of automation in order processing, increasing operational speed and efficiency.
Enhanced Customer Experience
With new features, customers could easily select products, place orders, and track order statuses through real-time updates.
The new system supported bulk ordering and managed complex pricing and packaging requirements effectively.
Revenue Boost
After implementation of the new segments, the site generated $400,000 within 2 months of launching the website.

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