The media and streaming industry is undergoing significant disruption, and the companies have no choice but to evolve with the technology to stay competitive in the market.

Consumer behavior has completely changed, and now they expect their content to be delivered anytime, anywhere and on any device such as smartphones, tablets, cars, smart watches, smart refrigerators, etc.

We help media and entertainment industry stay competitive, agile and relevant in this fast-changing digital world by focusing on next-generation digital transformation solutions.

Our software development solutions offer powerful media and entertainment products with an engaging user experience that helps you build an active community around your product.

Video streaming solutions

Major challenges for Media & Streaming industry

With such a vast technology disruption, companies must have access to the latest technology stack and a trusted and experienced partner to increase business value.

Technology disruption

One of the significant challenge being faced by the media and entertainment industry is technology disruption. Streaming services and Augmented Reality (AR) is growing at a very rapid pace.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is paving its way into the industry by offering insights such as how content is distributed and consumed.


Personalization is playing a significant role, and companies need to understand how they can deliver quality content along with satisfying user experience.

Agile methodology

Companies need to follow the agile methodology as nowadays it is crucial to have an agile infrastructure which enables your organization to deploy applications quickly.

Real-time data analytics

Real-time analytics is at the forefront of the industry which enables the organization to take the decision in real-time based on user engagement.

Our work

We have implemented various types of video conferencing, video streaming, audio streaming solutions. Here are a few mentioned –

Video conferencing solution for the healthcare industry

We have implemented video conferencing solution for a healthcare Android app which allows patients to schedule calls with their doctor. The peer to peer communication has been implemented through WebRTC and the application is HIPPA compliant.

Technology Stack

Android | iOS | WebRTC | Node.js | Node.js Server| | Socket Server

Video conferencing solution
Cloud based VoIP Calling

Cloud-based VoIP calling

The product offers cloud-based VoIP calling implemented through SIP. The application also offers voice messages, contact synchronization, call forwarding, autoresponders, conference calls, etc. keeping in mind the security and easy scalability.

Technology Stack

Android | iOS | SIP | PJSIP | REST API

Real-time chat application using React

We developed a Skype-like chat web application for help desk support using React and SIP extensions. The application offered a brief record of the chat history with the support to attach documents and images during the chat along with group chat support.

Technology Stack

React | Node.js | MySQL | SocketIO | Redux

Real-time chat application
Video conferencing solution

Video conferencing solution for easy video meetings

The video conferencing web app offers easy video calls for businesses. Any person can join the video call through a unique link generated for a particular meeting. The application also offers screen sharing, screen recording, mute, chat functionality, etc.

Technology Stack

Node.js | WebRTC | SocketIO | JQuery

Video broadcasting from the external camera

The application in your smartphone took the feed of the external camera through MJPG streamer and then transmitted it to Red5 Pro media server. Red5 Pro media server generated RTSP link which can be easily played in any RTSP player.

Technology Stack

iOS | Android | MJPG Streamer | Red5 Pro

Video broadcasting solution

Real-time communication (RTC)

Real-time communication refers to the exchange of information between the sender and receiver with ultra-low latency. Real-time communication can happen in both half-duplex and full-duplex mode.

With a vast widespread adoption of smartphones, customers expect information delivered to them at a lightning fast speed and this is where RTC helps enterprise deliver real-time results to its customers.

RTC offers SMBs to capture more market by shifting from traditional communication systems to user-centric business communication.


VT Netzwelt is one of the leading offering VoIP development solutions. Our highly experienced developers offer advanced VoIP development services to quench every business need. We offer VoIP development services for application development, module development, and existing solution customization.


A leader in WebRTC technologies we have highly experienced developers with a vast knowledge of creating scalable and flexible web and mobile apps with secure Peer-to-Peer communication.


Session Initiation Protocol or SIP is a signaling protocol that is used to create, modify, and terminate a multimedia session over the Internet Protocol. SIP is an application layer protocol used for multimedia distribution and internet telephony.

Real-time chatting

Real-time chat services are in boom these days. People mostly prefer to have a chat instead of having a call. So it becomes essential for businesses to offer chat as support services to its customers.


It is an open-source, secure real-time chat built on Firebase. Firechat offers multi-user, multi-room chat with features such as authentication, moderation, chat invitations, etc.


Socket.IO enables real-time event-based communication and offers real-time analytics, binary streaming, instant messaging.

Broadcasting software solutions

We are one of the leading broadcasting solution providers with expertise in media and broadcasting technology. We deliver our client state-of-art broadcasting solutions starting right from designing to development and deployment.

Live streaming software solutions

We offer highly experienced developers to build a feature-rich live streaming platform that provides real-time streaming of your videos from cameras to user’s mobile screens, desktop screens, laptop screens, etc. without any loss in the video quality.

  1. Mobile app for streaming
    • -Using a device-camera
    • -Using external cameras
      such as GoPro
  2. Mobile app as stream player
  3. Browser-based stream player
  4. PWA as stream player

Video on Demand (VoD) platform development

Start selling your videos the way you want with your Video on Demand (VoD) platform. We build fast, secure and reliable VoD platforms that offer your users a high definition streaming service. The platform also enables video uploading, video management and video retrieving a lot easy.

Online internet radio

We help our clients build a complete internet radio management and streaming solution with cloud automation that enables you to manage schedules, breaks, etc. with infinite scale audio delivery.

Audio streaming solutions

Build your audio streaming service with native Android, iOS applications that offer inbuilt audio streaming transcoder with support for all audio formats including MP3, AAC, WAV, AMR, AIFF, and OGG.

Real-time face detection

Develop video chat application that responds according to the expressions of the users, generate avatars from the photo, add real-time filters to your selfies and portraits with real-time face detection that identifies vital facial features to perform all mentioned tasks.

Let’s turn your idea into reality

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