Case Study 1:

Hansemuehle is a renowned online store with headquarters near Hamburg, Germany. The B2C shop is selling freshly squeezed vegetable oils and vinegar. The oils are the high quality produce of their own seeds and oil mills based throughout the country.


Magento Community

Hosting Environment:

Dedicated NGINX Server


The client’s store is running the latest Magento Community Edition (which has relatively high system hardware requirements to operate efficiently). After an initial inspection, the “status quo” results left room for a lot of improvement, as can be seen in the following extract:

Before Optimization :

After studying and analyzing the issues in more detail and implementing optimized solutions followed by rigorous functionality testing, we managed to comfortably secure a B/B grade. In a last move, we then shifted the entire system infrastructure to a pure nginx platform to maximize the speed enhancements under heavy load. At the end of the entire optimizations, we were very proud to settle on an A/B grade as can be seen in the following diagram:

Atfer Optimization:

What we achieved:

  • Cumulative PageSpeed Grade improved from E to A!
  • Cumulative YSlow Grade improved from Grade E to B!
  • Reduced Page loading time by more than 50% from 6.43s to just 3.12s
  • Reduced the total page size by more than 1 Megabyte from 2.17Mb to just 920KB
  • Succeeded to reduce the no. of page elements from 132 to 54.

As one can easily imagine, the client and his entire userbase was thrilled about the drastic improvement. The conversion rate and sales have increased proportionally!

Check out our client’s page now ( or read on for a full analysis of the BEFORE and AFTER aspects of all the PageSpeed any YSlow aspects.

2. PageSpeed Improvements in Detail

Before Optimization :

After Optimization :

3. YSlow Improvements in Detail

Before Optimization :

After Optimization :