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About Barcoo

Barcoo is Europe’s biggest mobile product guide. The app lets you scan a barcode, QR code or EAN code to immediately serve you plenty of information about the product. The information is carefully sourced and aggregated from thousands of sources enabling users to make very informed purchase decisions. Furthermore, Barcoo offers vouchers and cash back coupons for your favorite products as well as offering digitalized brochures from shops in your area.

VT Netzwelt worked on the Android and iOS app for Barcoo. The app has 16 million users and was ranked as “Android Top App” for 2016

Tools and technologies

Tools: Android Studio, Xcode
Programming language: Java, Objective-C
Technologies: Location service, HockeyApp, Barcode scanner SDK, Firebase AppsFlyer, AdMob

App development tools
app features

App features

  • QR code scanner and (Barcode) Barcode reader and DataMatrix, ISBN, and EAN
  • Detailed information on manufacturers, product, and ingredients
  • Product comparison (price, nutritional values etc)
  • Current brochures, offers and opening hours of merchants
  • Find addresses, opening times & phone numbers of stores nearby
  • Route planner – shows the way to the store


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