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Benry Language

About Benry Language

Benry is a delight for Japanese users who want to enhance their English skills. The app provides more than 3.500 ready-to-use English phrases for many situations. The app promotes learning in a fun and interactive mode, e.g. by including a feature to back-check your pronunciation with that of a native speaker or by allowing users to continuously evaluate and tracking their progress at any time.

Tools and technologies

App: iOS (Native)
Tools: XCode
Programming language: Objective-C
Technologies: Crashlytics SDK, APNS

App development tools
app features

App features

  • Multilingual content in Japanese & English,
  • Offline access to all content. Content synchronization happening in the background
  • CDN & application bundles
  • In-app purchases
  • Voice recorder
  • Audio modulation


I hired Netzwelt for my language app project. The app proved to be quite complex, but was completed completely to my satisfaction. What stands out most in my mind is Netzwelt’s, and their CEO commitment to providing a polished, superior product. At several points during development, project proved to be much more complex than expected, but I was never asked to pay more than the original quote. In the end, I got a first-rate product delivered as promised, for the agreed upon price. I am planning on using Netzwelt for all future work on this and other apps that I develop. I strongly recommend Netzwelt as a first-rate choice for anyone seeking to hire a developer for even the most complex project. Thank you
Matthew Ohm – CEO, Benry Language