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Benry Travel

About Benry Travel

App help travelers learn languages on the go. It has a vast collection of the phrases that are very useful for the travelers, to help them communicate in the local languages. Developed for a renowned language school in Japan, the app currently supports English, Italian, French and Japanese.

App was ranked in the “Top 10” on 7 different search terms

Tools and technologies

App: iOS (Native)
Tools: XCode
Programming language: Objective-C
Technologies: APNS

App development tools
app features

App features

  • Multilingual content in Japanese, English, French, Italian languages
  • Offline access to all content. Content synchronization happening in the background
  • CDN & application bundles
  • In-app purchases
  • Voice recorder
  • Audio modulation


have worked with Netzwelt team for the past two years on three large-scale apps, and they consistently delivered fantastic results. They are extremely responsive to all inquiries and work tirelessly to deliver a fantastic project. Because of their efforts, my app is ranked in the top 10 on 7 different search terms on iTunes. As always, thanks!
Matthew Ohm – CEO, Benry Travel