Making Furniture Shopping Effortless With Magento Integration

Revamped EZ Living Furniture website to handle large orders and deliver a user-friendly experience.
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Project Overview

EZ Living Furniture is a leading retail chain dealing in a wide range of stylish and classy home furniture and furnishings. This Irish furniture store has an online presence in the UK and Ireland. Additionally, they also have physical stores across Ireland for a better shopping experience.

What We Did?

The architecture of the current EZ Living online platform had multiple issues which impacted the performance. Our team optimized the data and the code but it needed further improvements so we revamped the entire website.

We used the latest technology stack while redesigning the UI/UX to enhance the performance.

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What Made the Project A Success?

Performance Optimization:

EZ Living Furniture Website achieved substantial performance improvements resulting in high client satisfaction.

Minimize Infrastructure Cost:

We optimized website infrastructure for better resource utilization, leading to cost savings for the client.

High Traffic Management:

We implemented a new scalable architecture that could handle high traffic volumes during peak periods, even with larger order sizes efficiently.

ERP Integration Refactoring:

We resolved all the issues related to ERP synchronization through a comprehensive code refactoring process.

Tech Stack


Magento2(Open Source)



PWA Studio

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