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Automate appointment scheduling, evaluate insurance costs and handle patient data effortlessly.
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Project Overview

Leading healthcare company Patient Pal wants to improve clinics’ patient experience and operational effectiveness for their SaaS clients. Dedicated to providing top-notch healthcare, they look for creative ways to improve service delivery and streamline administrative processes.

What We Did?

The primary aim of Patient Pal was to facilitate smooth operations for the healthcare providers as well as the patients. We understood their requirements and came up with a solution of implementing the SaaS platform to the app.

After integration, the app performance enhanced streamlining the processes like appointment scheduling, verifying insurance eligibility, gathering patient data before appointments, and cost approvals.

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What Made the Project A Success?

Appointment Scheduling Automation:

Allows patients to schedule appointments ahead of time and receive automatic email and SMS reminders, saving the clinic time and money.

Patient Intake Process:

Provides a link for patients to complete intake forms online prior to their visit, avoiding the need for paperwork at the clinic.

Insurance Verification:

Verifies insurance eligibility and provides current copay, coinsurance, and deductible information for certain CPT codes.

EHR Integration:

EHR Integration allows for smooth data management by synchronizing digital records with EHR systems.

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