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Purple Slate

About PurpleSlate

PurpleSlate is an invitation app via which you can send any kind of invitations be it a Birthday Party, Wedding etc. A text message is sent to the recipient. This app enables you to collect RSVPs quickly.

The recipient has to send a Yes or No via the text message. This paperless invite is simple as well as convenient. This app is free of cost and is much better than group texting. It precludes the need to Facebook invites which are usually ignored by the recipients.

Tools and technologies

Tools: Android Studio, Xcode
Programming language: Java, Objective-C
Technologies: Location service, Testfairy, Creative SDK, Twilio, Play Services-GCM/APNS, EmojiIconLibrary, ffmpeg, Amazon AWS, Sockets

App development tools
app features

App features

  • Send invitations in seconds
  • RSVP & event reminders
  • Chat with the host
  • Send invites via text/SMS for free
  • Sync events in the calendar
  • Chat privately or in groups