Advantages of Migration to Magento 2


Faster loading

Magento 2 loads way faster than the standard loading time i.e. 2-3 seconds. Magento 2 offers to load the homepage, product pages, etc. in less than 1.5 seconds without using the frontend cache.


Streamlined checkout

Another key improvement is the checkout process that now requires only 2 steps, compared to the 5-step process in the older version. The overall experience was also improved through one-click account creation and auto-recognition of registered clients.


Intuitive admin interface

Magento 2 offers major improvements in the administrative user interface, which now allows merchants to access their online stores using responsive navigation through devices based on touch technology. The import and export of products were improved to support cross-sales and upselling.


Page caching

The new Magento edition supports full page caching through the Varnish web accelerator, providing faster page loading time. It also provides new built-in responsive themes for faster store creation.


Better dependency management

Magento 2 also provides support for Composer, a PHP dependency manager, to manage dependencies when developing extensions or tweaking the codebase. This new feature also helps developers in the implementation of flawless customizations to your store.

Mobile optimized shopping

With the advent of mobile technology, people are moving to mobile for internet browsing. Magento 2 is mobile friendly and your store can be viewed on any device and on any screen resolution without any issue. The streamlined checkout process has resulted in improved conversions.

Better efficiency

Magento 2 has introduced a page builder that offers drag-and-drop capabilities that enable a non-technical person to manage content, create new pages and update content quickly on the Magento 2 store without the need for a technical person.

Boost your sales

With Magento 2, you can create a personalized shopping experience for your visitors by displaying content based on customer preference using advanced customer segmentation. You can also bundle email marketing automation to improve conversions and boost your sales.

Powerful B2B features

Now you can directly sell to businesses with integrated B2B functionality in Magento Commerce. Magento 2 offers company accounts, custom catalogs, quoting, custom pricing, quick ordering, etc. to meet your business customer needs.

Magento 2 migration assessment

At VT Netzwelt, we are offering you a free 2-hour assessment for your Magento store to help you plan a smooth transition to Magento 2. Our free Magento 2 migration assessment includes –

  • Features mapping
  • Extension mapping
  • Customer information
  • Order migration
  • Catalog migration
  • Recommended extensions

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Magento 2 migration process

Magento migration process

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