Algolia is a hosted search API that offers developers toolkit for building search functionality into their web and mobile app. Algolia offers complete support for Infrastructure and API clients for all leading programming languages and platforms.

Our dedicated team of developers offers all backend and frontend services to build and implement Search Solutions into your website or mobile application with Algolia Search Solution.

More than 5000 companies rely on Algolia to deliver relevant results to their customers including Stripe, Twitch, Periscope, Medium and many more.

Algolia Search As A Service

Benefits of Algolia

Algolia Search As A Service

Relevant search results

Algolia offers relevant search results for your application with features such as typo-tolerance, completely language-agnostic search solution, and custom ranking.

Algolia Search As A Service


Algolia offers autocomplete feature that displays relevant results to the users before he/she has finished typing their query. Now serve your pages, tags, categories, latest posts in a drop-down menu of the search.

Algolia Search As A Service

Real-time search results

Algolia offers real-time updates in search result pages, navigation and pagination with each keystroke.

Algolia Search As A Service


Algolia offers simple analytics tools to optimize your content with valuable insights into user behavior.

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Using Algolia search in an E-Commerce mobile app

Search-as-a-Service is fast becoming a standard feature of Web and Mobile apps. Being an “early adapter” of upcoming technologies and trends, we have been offering this to our clients from the days when this was still in its infancy.

The latest implementation was for a cross-platform mobile app developed in React Native with Firebase Real-Time Database using Firebase SDK in which we integrated Algolia. As it was an e-commerce app, where the speed of the app plays a vital role in conversion rate, so to returns ultra-fast search results, we implemented Algolia.

Algolia indices were in real time sync with the Firebase RTDB, so transaction in Firebase RTDB would be synced in Algolia indices by our custom developed integration engine. This was different from our earlier experience with Algolia integration in Magento, as Algolia search extensions for Magento is available, which hides all the complexities of integration.

Algolia Search As A Service

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