Flutter is a cross-platform app development tool offered by Google that allows us to build native apps on iOS and Android ecosystem from a single codebase. Flutter allows us to build beautiful and faster apps by adding the power of 60fps.

Flutter still being extensively a very new platform is being used by many big brands including Alibaba, Google AdWords, Apptree, Birch, Hookle and many more.

Being one of the leading app development company, we offer Flutter app development services to our clients across the globe to develop next-generation mobile apps that offer their business the flexibility and expedite the app development process.

Flutter app development company

Why choose Flutter for your app?

Flutter offers various widgets and tools that allow Flutter developers to build stunning applications for iOS and Android with a single code base. We offer our clients a mix of Flutter capabilities and visual appeal of Material Design, to offer excellent digital experiences.
Hot reload in Flutter app development

Hot reload

Flutter offers the functionality of Hot Reload, which enable developers to change the code and check for results directly in the application. Hot Reload enables quicker debugging and faster bug fixing.

Reactive framework in Flutter app development

Reactive framework

Flutter uses the reactive framework which makes updating content through UI obsolete. Now easily update content on your Flutter application by updating variables in your state and UI will automatically reflect all the changes.

Material design in Flutter app development

Material design and Cupertino

Flutter has completely revolutionized the cross-platform app development by offering a widget library which offers a pleasing UI using Material Design by Google and Cupertino by Apple.

Dart programming language

Dart programming language

Flutter is based on Dart programming language which has the least learning curve. The number of growing Dart libraries has made it very easy to execute Flutter tasks within a few lines of code.

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Why choose VT Netzwelt for Flutter app development?

We are having an in-house team of cross-platform app developers, UI experts, Quality Analysts and Dart programmers which helped us to adopt Flutter since its commence in 2018.

Being an early adopter of Flutter, we have already helped few of our clients in Flutter app development from scratch and also helped few in porting their mobile applications to Flutter from React Native.

Flutter app development company

We have recorded over 18 million downloads of apps we have built so far and the number is still counting.

Why choose Flutter over React Native?

The ease of customization offered by Flutter is the main reason for the constantly growing fan base of Flutter.

Flutter app development offers native app experience, flexible UI, lightning fast apps loading and many more which is resulting in better app solutions.

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Flutter vs React Native

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Why clients choose us?

Why Choose VT Netzwelt
Certified technical knowledge and vast experience

Certified technical knowledge and vast experience

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Agile and iterative development processes

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ISO certified management

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Clients love our creativity

Clients love our creativity

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Confidentiality assured

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Quick project kick-off

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