7 Best mobile app analytics tools for Android & iOS

7 best mobile app analytics tools
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Every app that has ever been released by developers generates certain statistics over a period of time.

Mobile App analytics is primarily the data generated by apps after it has been released on the app market platform like Google Play and Apple App Store.

Mobile App analytics is essential for developers to further modify and check the popularity or unpopularity of their respective apps. Unless developers get this data about the various nuances of the app as generated after its release, they can’t work on the app to improve it.

App analytics are similar to blog analytics, you can see things like total downloads, downloads per day, views per day, user ratings, etc.

Every single legitimate metric is chosen and systematized in understanding to client conduct. 

Essential metrics for mobile applications 

  • Acquisition

It refers to different channels or mediums your clients originated from.

  • Activation

It refers to the initial experience of the user with your mobile app.

  • Retention

It refers to the number of individuals who opened your application over and again subsequent to downloading it.

  • Referral

It refers to the individuals who shared a positive experience for your mobile application via different channels like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

  • Revenue

It refers to the monetary expression of user behavior.

When you begin measuring the information, ensure you don’t miss anything essential.

Appropriate information will give you thoughts on the best way to upgrade and further build up your application and in addition support dependability to it.

When you get the feeling of these data metrics, you will think of new bits of knowledge on what should be done keeping in mind the end goal to change other users into active application users.

Additionally, before your application shows up in the application store, it’s exceedingly prudent to get beta analyzers. This way you will get your first criticisms and feedback for the app.

7 Best mobile app analytics tools

  • Google Analytics for mobile apps


Google Analytics For App Analytics

Utilizing Google Analytics for Mobile Apps measures and streamline client acquisition and engagement with mobile applications.

Google Analytics is designed keeping the developers in mind which empowers you to –

  • Comprehend the number of users in your application, their characteristics, and where they originate from.
  • Measure what moves your customers are making in the app.
  • Measure in-app revenue and payments.
  • Modify reports appropriate to your business.
  • Leverage the power of Google Analytics data with other Google services and products.

  • Apple analytics


Apple Analytics for iOS

Measure your marketing campaigns and user engagement for your iOS and tvOS applications with Apple App Analytics platform.

However, it only works for the Apple ecosystem, yet it is one of the most powerful and complete tools to track all your in-app activity.

App Analytics offers key metrics for –

  • App Store Resources
  • Web Referrer
  • Apple Store Impressions
  • User Engagement
  • Apple TV Data
  • App Referrers
  • Marketing Campaigns and more.

  • AppsFlyer


Appsflyer Mobile App Analytics

AppsFlyer is one of the leading and most trusted App Analytics platform helping marketers around the globe to take better decisions.

AppsFlyer is trusted by brands like The Wall Street Journal, L’Oreal, and Trivago.

AppsFlyer Offers –

  • User Acquisition Attribution
  • Retargeting Attribution
  • TV Attribution
  • Deep Linking with One Link

  • Appsee mobile app analytics


Appsee Mobile App Analytics

Appsee gives designers visual, subjective bits of knowledge on their application by utilizing touch heatmaps to enable developers to see valid in-application client behavior, and also videoing user behavior amid sessions.

Appsee Mobile App Analytics offers –

  • User Recordings
  • Touch Heatmaps
  • Real-Time In-App Analytics
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Automatic Event Tagging
  • Retention Analytics
  • Navigation Paths and more.

  • Localytics


Localytics Mobile App Analytics

Localytics is a Mobile App Automation & Engagement Platform that can scale data to track 100 thousand monthly active users and data points up to 12 million.

Localytics lets you –

Discover – Discover your real users and how they are using your application.

Engage – Send more compelling messages that improve your app’s performance.

Optimize – See what’s working for your application to make use of every bit of ROI out of your application.

  • Heap analytics


Heap Analytics for Mobile Analytics

Heap Analytics lets you auto-track the entire customer journey by capturing every customer touch point.

Heap Analytics offers Codeless, Retroactive Analytics to measure the effects of each interaction.

Heap Analytics offers –

  • Complete User History
  • No More Data Blackouts
  • Unified Customer Identity

  • Apptentive

Apptentive Mobile App Analytics

Apptentive is a Mobile Communication Suite offering Actionable feedback at scale. Apptentive offers Analytics to track the user behaviors and interactions but it also offers a platform to deliver surveys and listen to the feedback from the users.

Apptentive offers –

  • Message Center – Turn your mobile app into a communication channel.
  • Ratings – Drive more ratings and reviews from the right audience with right targeting.
  • Notes – Motivate your customers to take action
  • Surveys – Learn more about your users to better understand their needs
  • Analytics – AI-powered analytics with machine learning and semantic analytics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Essential Metrics for Mobile Applications?
Essential metrics for mobile applications include user acquisition metrics like downloads and installs, engagement metrics such as active users and session duration, retention metrics like churn rate and user lifetime value, and monetization metrics such as revenue and conversion rates. Additionally, tracking user demographics, app performance, and user feedback can provide valuable insights for optimizing mobile app strategies and improving user experiences.
What Are the 7 Best Mobile App Analytics Tools?
How do mobile app analytics tools help in improving user engagement?
How can VT Netzwelt help you?

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