Magento marketplace contains a huge collection of ready-made extensions catering to every need of the Magento store owner. However, most of these extensions have very limited functionality and some extensions offer extra functionality which is not even required.

In the end, store owners pack their Magento store with dozens of extensions which results in a slow website. We offer custom Magento extension development catering to the specific needs of your Magento store.

Our experienced & certified Magento 2 developers ensure that the extension not only blends with your Magento store but also with the Magento core functionality.

Our Magento extension developers follow Magento architecture to ensure complete client satisfaction. Our developed extensions are compatible with third-party extensions and we offer proper documentation.

Custom Magento extension development

Why choose custom Magento extension development?

As discussed earlier, using ready-made extensions poses a threat to site security and site speed. Moreover, publically available extensions are being used by thousands of Magento stores so it becomes difficult to differentiate yourself from others as all Magento stores have the same functionality. The custom extensions we develop for our clients are totally unique and are not publically available. So our custom Magento extensions make your store stand out from the crowd. Our Magento extension developers make sure that the extensions they developer are lightweight and secure.

Ready-made extensions

  • A lot of unnecessary features that are not required.
  • Lack of functionality that you actually need
  • A lot of modules installed on the store
  • Low site speed

Custom extensions

  • Only features that you actually require
  • Expand the functionality of the module at any time
  • Minimal modules installed
  • Faster loading speed

Magento extension development services

We develop extensions that give your Magento store unprecedented flexibility. We also offer a complete range of services you require starting right from deployment to support.

Custom Magento plugin development

We create custom plugins to enhance the functionality of your Magento store and exceed your expectations.

Magento extension integration

Integrate your custom extension with third-party modules for achieving the desired functionality.

Magento extension compatibility check

We keep a proper check on Magento’s core updates and ensure that the custom extensions offer compatibility with the core update.

Magento extension upgrade

Upgrade the existing Magento extension for better performance and better capabilities.

QA & Testing

We do strong QA & Testing to ensure that the custom extension works properly and does not interfere with your store operations.

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Have you ever accidentally deleted a CMS Block or CMS Page from your store? These types of mistakes are very common and I’m sure it happens to you too!

So now, what is the solution? Either you re-create the CMS Block or CMS Page from scratch or you use our Trashcan module. Trashcan helps you by keeping this mishap from happening. Trashcan is a free extension that helps you restore CMS Blocks and/or Pages that you have deleted.

Trashcan for Magento is the best free module that helps you restore the deleted data. If you have accidentally deleted CMS Block or CMS Page, you can quickly recover it as the module keeps a backup of all the data so that you can quickly retrieve it from the trashcan.

Download from Magento Marketplace

Magento development services

Magento web development

VT Netzwelt is an award-winning Indo-German Magento development company. Being a Magento certified agency, we offer first-class Magento development services to our growing clientele of renowned multinational organizations. Regardless whether you’re looking to build a new Magento store from scratch, custom Magento development or want to enhance your existing site, our long-term experience, rich toolset, and vast industry know-how makes us your preferred Magento partner.

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Certified Magento Developers
Magento ERP Integration Services

Magento integration services

Our Magento experts offer Magento integration with leading ERP solutions, accounting software, CRMs and more which are critical for the functioning of your enterprise. We offer both pre-built integrations and custom integration solutions tailored to your requirements. We offer integrations (but are not limited to) with leading third-party solutions including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Open ERP, QuickBooks, Amazon, eBay, etc.

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