Why choose Vue.js for app development?

Why choose Vue.js over ReactJS and AngularJS
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Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework that is used to build the user interface of modern applications without using a lot of resources. 

Vue.js mainly focus on the view layer, which enables developers to integrate it into the existing projects without any hassle. Vue.js is a perfect choice for building single-page applications (SPA). 

The first public version of Vue.js was released back in 2014, and now it has been adopted by many big enterprises like IBM, GitLab, Adobe, etc.  

Why is Vue.js so popular?

According to the State of JavaScript 2017 survey, 48% of developers are interested in learning Vue.js JavaScript framework, and around 20% of developers are already using it. 

In 2017, Vue.js got 40.0k stars on GitHub and claimed the #1 spot among the most popular JavaScript frameworks.

According to the Stack Overflow 2019 survey, Vue.js got 15.2% of votes. 

Why choose Vue.js over ReactJS and AngularJS

It has to be noted that Vue.js is not backed up by any giant like React, which is built and supported by Facebook and Angular, which is backed up by Google. Vue is completely supported and maintained by the community. 

Why we choose Vue.js for frontend development?

At VT Netzwelt, it does not make any significant difference as to which JavaScript framework or library we choose for building an app’s frontend. Building beautiful and blazing fast products is feasible with any modern JavaScript framework. 

So currently, we are working on the following frameworks – 

The biggest reason behind choosing Vue.js is due to its less learning curve and support for virtual DOM. 

So why you should consider Vue.js for app development? Here are a few reasons –


Vue.js is very flexible and scalable. 

So, what does that mean? It states that Vue.js can be used as a library in a project or it can be used to build a complete project as a full-featured framework. 


After you have deployed your application to the production environment, you need to keep it updated and regularly check for bug fixes and other improvements along with adding new features to the application. 

Vue.js has made the update process easy. While releasing any major update, Vue.js makes sure that it is as much backward compatible as possible. 


Vue.js is progressive. It means that the framework can be introduced in your code gradually, and you can work on your app component by the component, which makes the entire process more manageable. 


Vue.js applications are very small in size and thus offers better performance than the equivalent frameworks. Vue.js framework provides a lot of optimizations, which means that developers can focus on adding new features to the application and less worry about tweaking the application. 

Handy conventions

Writing boilerplate code is a very time-consuming task. Vue.js avoids this by offering built-in solutions and offering native support for state management, composing components, and animations. 

Extremely popular

Vue.js is gaining a lot of popularity with time. It is being used by many giant players, including Facebook, Netflix, Adobe, Xiaomi, Alibaba, Grammarly, Gitlab, Behance, and many others. 

Due to easy learning curve, it is easy to move your existing team to Vue.js rather than hiring new developers. 

How is Vue.js different from ReactJS and AngularJS?

I am not going to go much deeper into this as it requires an entirely different blog which I will cover in the future. 

But let’s try to understand the basic difference between all three by coding a simple “Hello World!” program. 

Hello World! in ReactJS

Hello World! in AngularJS

Hello World! in Vue.js

As you can see from the code snippets, the Vue code is straightforward and more readable as compared to ReactJS and AngularJS. 

5 Reasons why developers choose Vue.js development

The Vue.js framework offers ready-to-use plugins that solve many critical issues in application development. Vue also provides amazing tools and efficient state management and routing options. 

Vue.js is backed by an active growing community of dedicated developers that will offer help when required. 

Easy learning curve

According to the developers’ feedback, Vue is one of the most accessible frameworks to learn and master. Getting started with Vue is also very easy. You need a little hint of HTML and a few lines of JavaScript.

A properly defined ecosystem 

Vue has a very well defined ecosystem that boosts the development speed. Vue’s ecosystem allows developers to choose the most efficient solution to any specific problem without spending hours on that problem. 


Thanks to Vue CLI, it is very easy to set up a project. Vue CLI has been created and supported by the Vue core team. Vue CLI offers a project generator that eases the process of starting a new project and generating the environment for development. 

No build step required

Starting with Vue.js is very easy. It is not necessary to use complex build tools like Webpack in Vue.js as compared to other frameworks. You need to add a script tag pointing to latest release – 

<script src=”https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/vue@2.5.21/dist/vue.js”></script>

Offers best features of AngularJS and ReactJS

Vue was developed to address the shortcomings in AngularJS, but it offers the best of ReactJS and AngularJS in a single framework. 

Vue adopted similar templates with good syntax and the process of using it in existing projects from AngularJS and component-based approach, props, virtual rendering ability, one-way data flow for component hierarchy, and proper state management of apps from ReactJS. 

Vue.js is very lightweight around 20KB and Vue 2.0 is one of the fastest frameworks ever created.  

The business perspective on Vue.js

We love Vue.js and always recommend it to our clients in the most feasible cases. Here are some reasons why Vue.js is great for enterprise – 

Animations and interactive elements

Vue.js offers a truly elegant and flexible API for seamless transitions between views. Transitions and animations play a vital role to enhance the user experience, and it is also used to grab user attention or make your product more fun. 

With the release of Vue 2.0, now we have more flexibility concerning transitions as Vue 2.0 gives us granular access to transition hooks. 

With transition hooks, we can leverage third-party libraries to deliver complex animations and transitions. 

Seamless integration with multiple apps

Vue.js also offers the advantage of seamless integration with any existing server-rendered app built on frameworks like Laravel, Express, Rails, etc. 

Vue can be used to add interactivity to your existing application, client-side form validation, and more. With webpack integration, we can do bundling, tree-shaking, or code-splitting.

Ship MVP faster

Thanks to the code reusability and easy setup process, the development time in Vue.js is very less as compared to Angular and React. 

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Vue.js is backed by an active community and is user-friendly as well as developer-friendly. 

Vue.js offers simplicity, performance, documentation, faster development, easy upgrades, and much more. 

Vue.js combines the best of React and Angular, which makes it a great competitor and earns the right for the top contender among other popular frameworks.

Hire one of the best Vue.js development company

At VT Netzwelt, we offer experienced Vue.js developers that will offer a robust, optimized, highly scalable Vue.js application. 

Our Vue.js development services offer real-time applications using the best-in-class design that deliver truly exceptional digital experience to your customers. 

The power of Vue.js is being leveraged by industry leaders like Facebook, Adobe, Netflix, Grammarly, Alibaba, Gitlab, etc and now it’s time for you to introduce it into your application.

Our Vue.js development services offer single page app development, real-time app development, custom app development, portal development solutions, data analysis tools, and many more. 

Our Vue.js developers can help you integrate your Vue.js frontend solution with any suitable backend technology like PHP, Laravel, Rails, Node.js, etc. 

Interested to learn more. Get in touch with our in-house Vue.js experts. We will be more than happy to understand your requirement and suggest the best path moving forward. 

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