About Spielzeugkiste

MeineSpielzeugkiste is the market leader for the online rental of children’s toys. Families can borrow high-quality, popular toys without having to buy them.

Their eCommerce store is powered by Magento with Amazon Pay Integration & Customization, ZenDesk Integration, Custom Modules and more.

Tools and technologies

Platform: Magento 1
Technologies: PHP, JQuery, MySQL, JavaScript

App development tools
app features

Web app features

  • Developed more than 10 back-end modules
  • Managed various stuff like Amazon Recurring Payment, Custom Amazon Checkout, Social Media Integration, ZenDesk Integration, Emarsys Integration etc.
  • Integration with 3rd party services
  • Custom module development
  • Ongoing maintenance, development & support

Let’s turn your idea into reality

Our clients bring us the toughest challenge and we provide them with an elegant solution. That’s why, our clients love us –